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Own Boat Tuition

Instructions for those seeking to utilise their own boat on a course run by Humber Powerboat School.

The Humber Powerboat School will undertake training on a client’s vessel subject to the following conditions:

That the client adheres to our Terms & Conditions of Booking – which specifically address own boat tuition.

That the vessel is adequately equipped for the course being undertaken.

Listed below you will find a list of equipment that Humber Powerboat School would recommend you carry on board your vessel.

Anchor and rope
Two medium length mooring lines (at least)
Bailer , bucket or hand operated bilge pump
Paddle(s) (if relevant)
Toolkit & basic spares (older craft)
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher
Spare battery key (if relevant)
Spare kill-cord (if relevant)
Survival bag
Rescue throwing line
Local charts
Navigation lights
Lights for lifejackets
Depth sounder

NB: The above lists are as a guide – the kit required will vary vessel to vessel and according to the passages you intend undertaking.

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