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Intermediate Powerboat Day Cruising Course

This was a new course for 2004 and is positioned between Level 2 and the Advanced Course. The course is aimed at those power boaters who wish to expand their cruising horizons by undertaking short coastal passages by day and who want to be better equipped to plan and execute them.

Fundamentally the course breaks down into two areas: Planning a passage paying due regard to all of the factors that need to be considered followed by the execution of the passage.

We will start by looking at many of the subjects you covered in Level 2 like navigation, compass bearings, speed & distance, charts and chart symbols, the use of GPS, meteorology, tides and tidal streams and so on. We will take these onto the next level and pull them all together to plan a passage. Whilst this will take a reasonable percentage of the day we will make sure we get out on the water too and practice some skills in the boats we will be using for the passage.

We will start promptly on day two and get on our way executing the passage we have planned on day one. The passages we have planned will marry electronic and traditional navigation to show how what many see as two methodologies can actually be one. Whilst out we will look at other aspects of boat handling including rough water handling and man overboard recovery.

Under the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (‘MCA’) rules Powerboat schools are typically only able to operate up to 3 miles from what is known as their “Nominated Point of Departure”. Conditions, weather and boat allowing we try to run our Intermediate Course passages between the mouth of the Humber Estuary and The Humber Bridge.


To attend the course you will be required to be competent to the standard of Level 2 (coastally endorsed) and strongly recommend that you hold a VHF and First Aid certificate.

If you are keen to do some background reading we recommend the following books:

Pre course experience:
Boat handling to the standard of the level 2 course, with a coastal endorsement.

Course content: A progression from level 2, introducing pilotage, navigation and boat handling techniques for planing boats on coastal waters by day.

Ability after course: Able to plan and execute short coastal passages by day.

Minimum duration: 2 days.

Minimum age: 16 years.

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