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Advanced Powerboat Course

The Advanced powerboat course is a two day course aimed at the experienced powerboat driver and professional user. It is a challenging course and gives all students the opportunity to develop their skills, capabilities and knowledge in a variety of areas.

A key aspect of the course is the planning and execution of two passages, one by day and one by night. Equally, given that students are likely to be making longer passages in less favourable conditions, a key feature of the course is the development of the skipper’s capability to manage the crew and boat taking decisions in different challenging conditions.

Pre Course Experience: Candidates should be competent to the standard of the intermediate powerboat certificate.

Assumed knowledge: Navigation and chart work to the level of Day Skipper shore based certificate.

Course Content: Includes pilotage, navigation and boat handling techniques for planing boats on coastal waters by day and night.

Ability After Course:
Able to plan and execute coastal trips including a return to a familiar port by night.

Minimum duration: 2 days including at least 1 night navigation exercise.

Minimum age: 17 years.


Working Commercially
If you want to work commercially as a Skipper then you'll need a Commercially Endorsed certificate. Each year we answer lots of questions about working commercially for individuals keen to work either in the UK or overseas.

What qualifications you need largely depends on where you intend operating and what 'Flag state' the vessel is operating under, so it is always worth investigating with the local maritime authorities what their requirements are.

One of the real benefits of RYA qualifications though is that they are recognised worldwide and almost all countries accept relevant RYA qualifications for commercial operators. Many individuals therefore identify the qualifications they would need were they on a UK flagged vessel and acquire those on the basis they will be comparable.

In the UK it is comparatively straightforward although we never cease to be amazed at the inaccurate information supplied to people. We spend so much time on this subject we'd really like to think it's an areas of expertise for us.

For vessels up to 24m which qualification you need, will depend on how far away from a 'Safe Haven' or a 'Nominated Point of Departure' you wish to travel. 'Safe Havens' and 'Nominated Point of Departure' relate to the commercial 'Coding' the craft has undertaken to be able to carry fee paying passengers.

What Other qualifications will you need?
Commercial skippers must have a First Aid qualification. The qualification you have must have addressed water related issues so logically if you need to take a course you should consider the 1 day RYA First Aid Course - although others will suffice.

You will need a Sea Survival qualification and your VHF/SRC qualification.

You will need a ML5 Medical report (for categories 2 to 6 operation)
or an ENG 1 for Categories 0 or 1.

Download the ML5 form and get your GP to complete it. ENG1 medicals can only be undertaken by a MCA Approved Doctor. ML5 medicals are valid for 5 years whereas ENG1s are only valid for 2 years.

Those operating diesel engine craft should consider the RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance course or the MCA Advanced Engineering Course.

Since April 2012 those wishing to apply for their Commercial Endorsement must also undertake the RYA Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR)

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